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Sri Subramania swamy temple is situated facing towards East at Ettukudi about 30 km south west of Nagapattinam, 28 km South East of Thiruvaarur, NorthEast of Thiruthuraipoondi 19 km from Thirukuvalai

Sri Subramabnia Swamy temple is situated at Ettukudi about 4km west of seeravattam on Nagapattinam- Thiruthuraipoondi road in the South western part of Nagapattinam from Thiruvarur it is located 9 km from (Kachanam)kaichinnam on Thiruvaroor- Thiruthuraipoondi National highway. Presiding deities:Sri Subramabnia Swamy temple is situated at Ettukudi about 4km west of seeravattam on Nagapattinam- Thiruthuraipoondi road in the South western part of Nagapattinam from Thiruvarur it is located 9 km from (Kachanam)kaichinnam on Thiruvaroor- Thiruthuraipoondi National highway. Presiding

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1.It is said that this is a place where Vanmeega Sithar entered into the world of heaven.

2.It is a place where Lord Muruga emerged an the Yagam set up by Devas and rendered his blessing to all of them.

3.It is said that Lord Muruga set his foot down here in an angry mood and therefore it is better to do milk abizhegam, honey abizhegam and panchamirtha (mixture of five fruits) abizhegam, that will cool down his heart.

4.It is believed that people who have Servai Thozham (placement of planets)will soon get married, and will live a healthy happy life.

5.It is the dogma that people who begin to worship Ettukudi Muruga will very soon become rich in economy.

6.Here people do Sanmugarchanai ( a kind of significant formalities done in that temple in the name of God) to the six images of Muruga so as to be devotional.

7.Wreath made of Sandal is adorned to the Lord.

8.Every year on the day of Panguni Uthiram people celebrate Milk, Kavadi abiizhegam festival.

9.Here Lord Muruga emerging in disguise of Somaskanda along with his two wives and his parents.

10.It is said that the sculptures of Muruga found in Siccal, Enkan, Ettukudi were carved by the same sculptor.

11.People who have wish and will, may invest 5000 rupees to the temple trust, every year on an important day the holy monks will do a special pooja, in favour of them six kalam pooja.

Welcome to Temple Lores

Thirumoolar of Thillai
Ramadevar of Alagarmalai
Kumbamuni of Thiruppathi in lying position
Konganavar, Kamalamuni of Karoor
Sothirangan Sattamuni of Karuvai Karurar
Vanmeegar of Ettukudi
Nandhidevar of Kasi

The above lines found in the book of Vathayoga Gnanasasthira say to us that Vanmeega Sithar entered into the world of heaven in Ettukudi. It has been predicted in the 304th song of Agathiya's Nadi that those who have the curse of Sevvai are advised to come to Ettukudi and get released of the curse.

Welcome to The History

Surapathma, King of savage, a truthful devotee of Lord Siva, was throned by the blessing of Lord Siva after a penance for a very long time. Having had a burning desire of ruling over the Kingdom of heaven also, invaded on and conquered. More over the king of heaven Indiran was put imprisoned. All the imprisoned Devas went on worshipping for the grace of Lord Siva and put forth the necessity of their recovery. On hearing the prediction of Devas, Lord Siva appeared infront of them and spoke to them that he couldn't with withdraw the blessing offered to Surapathma. But on the other side, he himself suggested them to go down to the earthly world in disguise of birds where they would have the embodiment of human beings in a place, in the some place they all should enter into the world of penance and fasting and then very soon they would regain and recover their past.

Inspite of the advice of Lord Siva, all the captured Devas began to fly towards earth in the form of birds from the heaven. Meanwhile, at the flight, they got embodied of human beings in a place where the sun rises. The sun is otherwise known as "Gnayiru". And at the same time the village where Devas turned into human beings, is called as "Thalai Gnayiru" in memory of that incident, which lies just 10 km away from Ettukudi in the east. The locality from where the human personified Devas left themselves, is known as Pirinjumoolai, which is very near by to Thalaignayiru. After a long journey of foot they will arrived to Ettivanakadu, a thickly forested place where they had to meet a holy saint named Vanmeega Sithar, was on penane dedicatively. Vanmeega Sithar showed them a way to find out a solution in order to solve their problem, that was Devam and Yagam. As the monk said, all Devas cut down a Vanni tree and screwed it, piling the wooden pieces together set fire and went on spelling the mandras in favour of Lord Siva. Hence forward Lord Siva was extremely happy of the Yagama of Devas and sent Lord Muruga to Ettukudi and asked him to emerge out in the After that having the arrow at his hand not knowing what to do, though of his mother Parvathi who advised him to drop down the arrow and do penance by which he could get rid of all the problems and worries. Following the suggestion of his mother Lord Muruga dropped down and sat there itself and went on doing penance. Meanwhile many Asuras assembled together and considered to disturb Lord Muruga deliberately in almost from five ways beside. Having known the conspiracy in advance Parvathi arrived to the place where Lord Muruga was on meditation and took a special care of her son in order to destruct the plan of those mean-minded Asuras, being embodied of five Parvathi in all the five places separately. Moreover she as Anjuvattathamman in keelavelur is purifying the grievous.

After severe penance again for the second time, to kill Surapathman Lord Muruga was given arrow in a place called Siccal by his mother Parvathy and ordered to execute the plan of killing successfully. The very next moment Lord Muruga got personified of Deva's peacock on which Deva rode on chasing Surapathma and at last in Thiruchendur his head was cut off. After that Surapathma himself surrendered to Lord Muruga and as he wanted, was made to be in the form of peacock so as to serve the Lord, used to ride on whereever else went and cock in the Lord's flag. Thus the ancient history says, it is sad that the holy shrine in Ettukudi might have built up by one of the Chola Kings named Mutharasan.

The historians who witness the formalities done there in Ettukudi in the name of Lord Muruga, say that it is the formality of Chola period. Inside the campus Lord Muruga shrine and Vinayaga shrine were built up in Chola period. The shrines of Lord Siva and Ananthavalli were built up later The historians believe that the truthful devotee of Muruga.. Arunagiri Nathar who found pleasure in singing about Lord Muruga perhaps would have lived in the 15th century. Apart from this, the answer for the question why the Nalvar (Appar, Sambanthar, Sundarar and Thirunavukkarasar) did not sing about Lord Muruga of this holy temple, has been still left unanswerable in the history.
There is a Samathi (tomb) in memory of Sithar, bearing the statue of Vinayaga. known as Sithivinayaga, in the place where he (Sithar) died.

Welcome toPooja Timings

Pooja Schedule
Ushakkaalam------------5.30 A.M.
Kaalasandhi------------9.00 A.M.
Utchikkaalam----------12.00 P.M.
Sayaratchai------------6.00 P.M.
Irandaam---------------8.00 P.M.
Arthajamam-------------9.00 P.M.
Worship Time :
Morning 6.00 to Afternoon 12.00
Evening 3.00 to Night 9.00 (during normal days)

Welcome to Festivals

Karthigai festival is celebrated by performing Archanai, Paal Kaavadi and the presiding deity is taken on procession through the streets during Night kandhasasti festival is celebrated for 10 days during which procession of presiding deity takes place in the morning and Night. Soora samharam is performed on the 6th day Divine wedding of Deivanai on 7th day Divine wedding of Valli on 8th day

Chithira Pouranami festival is celebrated grandly once a year. Ollai chappara festival on 7th procession of car on 9th day. The temple day is kept open for continous two days to facilitate devotees taking part in Paal Kaavadi abishekam and Archanai.

Welcome to Art & Architecture

A monolithic Scupture of Lord Muruga with 3 faces and 12 arms is seated on a Peacock which is facing towards North is seen here. The Scupture is carved in such away the whole weight of the Sculpture is supported by the peacocks legs Architectural style of (Chola period) is seen in the temples of Lord Muruga and Vinayaga. As the temples of Swami, Ambal and perumal had been destroyed due to the ravages of time, new stone temples were constructed in their place following 20th Century Architectural style. Accorcing to historians this temple is considered to be constructed during the period of Mutharasa,15th cpentury. Apart from Thirupugal by Arunagirinathar.There are no proofs for the period of this temple

Temple Car:

There is an ancient wooden car measuring 16 long and 16 width at this temple. About 25 years before wheels and of the car were renovated . The temple car is taken on procession once in a year during chithira pournami festival

Bus Services:
Bhagavan- Private bus (From Thiruvarur - Vedharanyam via Ettukudi)
Bus No 718 upto Ettukudi
city bus No13 from Nagapattinam
City bus No 07 from Thiruthuraippoondi
Government bus No 421 from Vedharanyam via Ettukudi
Special bus service is operated during karthigai and Chithra Pournami.
Bus stops near this temple :
Thiruthuraipoondi - Southwest of Ettukudi
Nagapattinam - Northeast of Ettukudi
Thiruvaroor - North East of ettukudi
Train Services:
Nearest Railway station - Nagapattinam, Thirunellikaval -12km
Air Services:
Nearest Airport - trichy
Helipad - Tanjore Helipad
Temple NearBy:
Worship Places:
Sri Thyagrajaswamy temple - Thiruvaimoor 2 km East of Ettukudi
Siva temple - Sithaimoor - West lr Ettukudi
Sri Thyagarayaswamy temple - North of Ettikudi
Picnic Spots:
Naagar - Islamic worship place - 40 km North East of Ettukudi
Nagapattinam - 30 km
Velanganni church - 20 North East
Sri Vedharanyeswarar temple - South East of Ettukudi
Kodia kode Deer Sanctuary
Udhaya marthandapuram bird Sanctuary - 30 South west of Ettukudi
Thirukkollikadu Saneeswara Baghavan temple - North west of Ettukkudi
Sri Thyagarajaswamy temple - 15 km North west of Ettukudi
Boarding and Lodging:-
The Temple administration provides free meal to devotees with Annadhana Scheme during afternoon
Lodging facilities :
Lodging facilities are available at Nagapattinam. There are no lodges and Hotels near this temple.

Administrative Officer

Sri Subramania swamy temple,

Ettukudi - 610 212, Thirukkuvalai Taluk, Nagapattinam district

Ph: 954366 - 245426

E-mail: ettukudimurugan@gmail.com

Pooja Timings
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